Network applications have been a rapidly growing segment since the introduction of nationwide mobile communications, in which ever more powerful electronic systems are required.  These are usually equipped with the most modern processor technology available.  Accordingly, there is a need for the latest memory technologies.  DDR4 memory has been used in the network segment since 2016 and the latest 5G mobile communications standard will make no exception, demanding state-of-the-art memory products!  Due to the lower power consumption and higher bandwidths, LPDDR4 or LPDDR4X memory will probably be used in addition to conventional DDR4 memory.  This market segment also often uses special processors optimized for networking tasks.  The importance of having a fixed BOM is particularly pronounced here because these optimized CPUs are typically not adequately considered in the mass production of memory modules. 

MEMPHIS offers a strategy for these kinds of industrial applications under its own brand which delivers fixed BOM and customer-specific application testing supported by decades of experience.